5 Big Components to a Financial Brand

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

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Thanks for dropping by my page and catching a few moments to read my insights on how to build an effective Financial Brand.

Most advisors and insurance producers think they already have a brand. In fact, it's really interesting what some of the marketing firms are calling a brand these days. There answers actually don't tell you how to create one or so much as what it is.

I have a feeling you're reading this, going great another white paper that's going to tell me about zip on branding. Maybe branding is not as important as marketing. That would be true for fast starting small practices who need to get in front of clients fast.

Get off this page now and go market. Come back when you haven't landed a deal yet and I'll show you why.

Financial branding is the story about money and the guidance you give to your ideal clients to show them how they can master money.

No it's not a business card, no it's not your color scheme, or your website copy. All of this is needed, but you need to do the hard work in go through the genesis of your financial brand, before you can really start landing the right clients.

The right clients are people who will stick with you to the end.

I remember my dad's client partners in his practice. How they would be at my college graduation, birthday party, and some out at my wedding in Florence, AZ. (No I didn't get married at the prison or casino). All those events they came to were after my dad sold his practice. That's right. They still wanted to be with him even after the service he gave them was coming from another advisor now. Also a close friend.

The power of a financial brand comes from its nature to be retold to someone else. People want to tell stories they love, that they feel like they can identify with the character whose struggles reflect their own.

If people aren't referring you enough, that could be an indicator of a weak financial brand. Financial brands can get complicated, messy even if it's too watered down by the dangerous third party brands used to create a practice from the start. Brands like Fidelity, Nationwide, or even someone who's material you use like Tom Hegna, shouldn't be used to win clients alone. Sure those companies have some level of talkability to them, but they're not you. They also tell their own stories about the issues with money your clients deal with.

Making a strong financial brand comes from the heart, it comes from something deep in your soul and passion to serve other people and lead them to a better life. If you're not focused on this service in a business, then you cannot lead. You will sell.

And people will smell the sale. Always.

If you want help creating a financial brand download my white paper below. I also work with specialists in the branding field who can help you. Have a wonderful day, I really hope this provided some thought provoking and ideation for you.

Remember, you are the key to liberating your true business. If you desire to serve your clients and lead them to a better life financially, than I believe you will bring in a 100 M in Assets.

Don't let another day go by without doing what it takes.

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