The Power of Singular Focus

Last time I was on here we talked about getting a targeted marketing approach. Before any of that takes place you need to focus on the bullseye. I go axe throwing on the weekends now. I started throwing axes about a month ago. I was surprised at how long it took me to just stick an axe into the board. It looks easy on instagram, but in real life like most things, axe throwing takes a lot of practice. Consistency is key, but I wondered what do I need to do constantly to get my axe throwing game to where I am actually a challenge for someone. Is it the follow through, is it how I position my feet at the start? Did I need a different axe, because I have zero fore arm strength and I feel like I'm throwing this wobbly turkey leg into a wooden board?

It cam down to just focusing on one thing and the rest came along with it once I maintained the focus. You know what my focus was on? The bullseye. Each time I got up to throw, if I looked at my opponent's throw or my arm motion as I threw, or glance back at the score, my axe would either go right into the ground or it would hit just left of the target and low.

It all came down to never losing sight of the bullseye. Someone talks to me, I nod my head, but keep my focus on the bullseye.

Running your own practice takes the exact same amount of focus. Losing that focus can cost you time and opportunity. I think it's funny, I have two journals I'm using right now to track my businesses. One journal asks me what is the most important thing you can do today. Another journal asks me, what you are three intentions or goals for the day?

Although writing down goals is going to raise your chances of hitting those goals, I think our focus has to be on the one thing we must consistently do to grow our businesses for that week. When you're a new practice that has got to be marketing. You need to market, market and market more than the next advisor to get your message out there. If you're not using digital marketing, your missing out on a crazy recurring revenue generating activities. Social Media not like dinner seminar mailers, it's a constant flow of branding that can be shared and referred to many people. I think when you build a practice marketing is your number one focus every week. Even if you're just calling, knocking on doors and getting on the street to get your services out there.

Just last week was working with a new advisor, we had to zero down on a focus, that was to stir up new business from his current book. He had a script and a white board concept I shared with him via, Zoom, (it's crazy what you can do online these days.) Out of this single activity, we generated over a million in new assets. One day of focus and that's what we gathered. No money spent, no seminars, just ideas with people he'd already done business with in the past.

His client's reactions were priceless. I didn't know you could do that! We need to look at this right away. You never know what people will say until you focus and get the word on the street.

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